BesTrans' Interpretation Business Department was established in 2012. The business department has more than 5,000 interpreters in the resource library, including senior interpreters and scholars from different industries in several countries and regions, who can provide our clients with high-quality and timely services.

We can provide general interpretation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, subtitling & dubbing services.
Note 1. General interpretation includes accompanying interpretation, business negotiation and exhibition interpretation.
2. Consecutive interpretation contains meeting consecutive interpretation and training consecutive interpretation.
3. Simultaneous interpretation includes meeting simultaneous interpretation and whisper simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation is generally essential at professional business negotiations, training meetings, exhibitions, tourism activities, business investigation, and technical exchanges on the project site.

Simultaneous interpretation is generally essential at international conferences, summits, large-scale seminars, academic seminars, news gatherings, and training lectures. 

Simultaneous interpretation equipment is an indispensable system for simultaneous interpreters at high-level international conferences. Through the equipment, speakers can have their speech simultaneously translated into a designated target language by the interpreter and transmitted to the attending delegates through another sound channel. Attending delegates are free to choose the language channel they can understand. In order to satisfy the requirements of different languages and different clients, BesTrans can arrange sets of Bosch equipment with 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels, and 32 channels. Each channel transmits one language with stable and reliable signals.

A complete set of simultaneous interpretation equipment consists of simultaneous transmission host, infrared emission host, interpreter device, interpretation room, receiver, headphone (receiving unit), etc. The number of interpreter devices and interpretation rooms will be subject to conference languages. Receivers and headphones (receiving units) will be offered according to the number of participants. 

We are a service provider of multilingual dubbing of films, promotional videos, and announcing remarks of buses and trolleybuses.  

Each interpreter in BesTrans has more than five years of experience in different industries, and each interpreter has provided interpretation services for at least 100 events of various forms.