Human Translation
For the purpose of accurate translation, we do not permit machine translation, and all files are completed by translators.

High-quality Service
BesTrans delivers clients with an efficient and high-quality service experience! Thanks to our continuous efforts in translation technology innovation, optimization of processing and management processes, improvement of delivery quality, and a full-process client interaction mechanism, BesTrans improves client experience and satisfaction in an all-around way.

On-time Delivery
After receiving texts, our project manager will strictly follow our internal translation, review, proofreading, and finalization procedures. After translated texts are checked correct, we will deliver them within the time limit specified with the client;

If clients need us to keep their texts confidential, BesTrans will sign a confidentiality agreement with them. All translators will abide by such a confidentiality agreement, which is the most fundamental professional ethics of each translator in BesTrans.
Lifetime Warranty
BesTrans promises to provide lifelong after-sales service for your translation. If there is any translation quality defect, we will try our best to modify unconditionally and timely. We will give you a full refund if the certificate translation fails to be certified due to translation quality defects.