Foreigners in Jinan

This platform is dedicated to serving the construction of Jinan Area of China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone and providing language services for foreigners in Jinan. Currently, only E-C/C-E translation services are available, and we will provide more language services in the future. 
Services available now: 
Voice trans: press and hold the button while speaking; E-C and C-E modes are provided for automatic identification and translation.
Photo trans: translate after photo taking with your mobile phone; multilingual translation is available, including Chinese, English, Korean, German, etc.
Human trans/inter: 3-min human translation and consulting service is available for foreigners in Jinan each time. 
Local delicacies: briefly introduce local delicacies in Jinan in foreign languages. 
Artistic performance and sports events: information about artistic performances, sports events and fine art exhibitions is provided for foreigners in Jinan to enrich their spiritual life here. 
Tourism/exhibition: information about scenic spots and museums in Jinan is provided for foreigners here and recommendations for travelling around are also available. 
Intangible cultural heritage products: recommendations of intangible cultural heritage products are provided for foreigners here to help them buy what they like.

Café lounges: information about cafes and leisure restaurants are provided.