Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is an interpreting way in which the interpreter continuously interprets the content of the speaker's speech to the audience without interruption of the speech. With the aid of specialized simultaneous interpretation equipment, the interpreter sits in the sound-proof simultaneous interpretation room, listens to the continuous discourse of the source language speaker through headphones, and almost at the same time translates the same into the target language accurately and entirely against the microphone. Participants who need interpretation services can listen to the corresponding target language output from the headset by switching to their desired language channel through the receiving device. 

Simultaneous interpretation represents the highest level of interpretation and imposes the most demanding and stringent requirements for interpreters. For good simultaneous interpretation, rich experience, on-the-spot experience in interpretation, quick-wittedness, and strong strength and perseverance are essential. It is an interlingual transfer activity that is extremely difficult due to time constraints. It requires interpreters to quickly complete the prediction, understanding, memory, conversion of the source language information and the planning, organization, expression, monitoring, and modification of the target language with the help of the existing thematic knowledge while listening to and distinguishing the speech in the source language, so as to simultaneously speak out the target language. Therefore, simultaneous interpretation is also called synchronous interpretation. 

We can provide simultaneous interpretation services for the fields of finance, law, medical treatment, architecture, electricity, traffic, transportation, construction machinery, electrical and electronics, chemical engineering, aerospace, geological mining, medical and pharmaceutical, automobile and tourism.

1. Appointment: For the avoidance of extra unnecessary transportation and accommodation costs for interpreters, please make an appointment one week in advance, and we will arrange local senior interpreters for you; 
2. Clients need to tell us the total number of participants (simultaneous interpretation is required for more than 95% of international conferences); 
3. Clients need to tell us the duration of the conference. Please note that for quality simultaneous interpretation, two simultaneous interpreters will be arranged for alternating for any conference lasting for more than one hour; 
4. Our selection criteria for simultaneous interpreters: 
High-level simultaneous interpreters: With experience in simultaneous interpretation for more than 500 large-scale conferences, proficient in professional knowledge, rich training, and practical experience 
Senior simultaneous interpreters: With experience in simultaneous interpretation for more than 1,000 large-scale conferences, providing long-term service for international exchange conferences and large-scale simultaneous interpretation conferences.