Certificate Translation

For the purpose of notarization, certification, and visa, it is often necessary to present the original and translated documents of certification documents. The translated documents must be carefully typeset and stamped with an officially recognized special seal for translation business (Chinese and English). 

BesTrans is a legal translation company with professional qualifications for foreign-related translation approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation, and we can provide all kinds of sealed translation services for clients. The sealed documents are accurately translated at a fair cost and comply with internationally accepted standards. The translation seal is approved by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the courts, embassies of various countries, and other foreign-related institutions. We can deliver the translated and sealed version of ordinary certificates on the same day, and you can have them ready while waiting. 

We solemnly promise a full refund for invalid translation. 

1. How to offer your materials to our company? 
A: You only need to send the electronic version of the original certificate (scanning copy/photographed copy by digital camera. Note: the documents should be clear and complete) to our business personnel's QQ: 1249978899, and indicate your Chinese name, mobile phone contact information and consignee address 

2. How long does it take to get translated copy? 
A: The electronic version will be available in 24 hours. Generally, the paper version will be served within 1-3 working days through express delivery (SF Express, STO Express, YT Express). 

3. How to pay? 
A: You can pay through online banking, bank transfer, or Alipay guarantee payment. 

4. What if the translated text is not approved? 
A: If the translated text of the certificate is not approved, we will refund the full amount. 

5. How to identify whether a translation company has the qualification of certificated translation 
A: A: Check whether it has a special Chinese and English translation seal and compare its Chinese and English company names. 
B: Check whether translation services are permitted in the scope of the business license. 

6. Can you translate for trans-regional companies? 
A: Yes, we can. We can negotiate if there are special requirements. In order to prove our qualifications, we generally offer a copy of the business license (including official seal) +translated copy + translator's qualifications 

7. In what circumstances is a certified translation required? 
Applying to schools and evaluation of professional titles: translated copy of the certificate of degree, graduation certificates, transcripts, admission notices, recommendation letters, and papers 
Applying to registered permanent registration and schools: translated copy of birth certificates, translation of studying abroad 
Applying to green cards or submitting them to the courts: translated copy of marriage certificates and divorce certificates 
Renewal of driver's license and car rental: translated copy of driver's license 
Immigrant visa: translated copy of ID card, work certificate, certificate of employment, certificate of non-criminal record, and household register 
Work visa: translated copy of bank statement, duty-paid proof, immigration and overseas-study, and income certificate 
Others: Translation of labor contract, ID card, household register, certificate of employment, non-criminal record certificate, social security certificate, residence permit/power of attorney, exchange data, passport, business, etc.