Localization Service

Localization -
In order to be more competitive and cut down costs, enterprises organize their product production and sales procedures in the process of internationalization for better serving local markets.

What BesTrans does in localization goes far beyond text translation as we also develop local characteristics and adjust interface layout based on the market features, cultural habits, laws, and other conditions of the target countries. General Manager Ge Yumei, who worked as a translator in the Editorial Department of a translation localization company, has rich experience in localization services. So far, we already have a professional localization service team to provide cost-effective services to our clients. 

Localization services like software source code resource files, software user interfaces, online help systems, documents, manuals and websites, and internationalization of double byte characters, etc., are all available. We can handle documents in such formats as TTX, HTML, RTF, DOC, PDF, FM, RC, CN, HPJ, Java, property, d2w, SQL, and QuarK. 

We have an experienced and professional desktop typesetting team, all members familiar with more than 100 international typesetting conventions, 25 kinds of professional typesetting software, and operating platforms of Windows, Machintosh, and other systems. With 27 steps of a rigorous quality control process, we can provide clients with multilingual and cross-platform desktop typesetting services.